Monday, October 31, 2011

Cara Salimando

To inaugurate my page, I gonna start to introduce you Cara Salimando.

Cara Salimando is a 19 years old singer-songwriter from New Jersey. I've discovered her music on myspace for 2 years. Cara composes music since she was very young, mainly on piano she also write songs on ukulele.
Her lyrics are full of imagery and her melodies really relaxing. Here's a sneak peek of her new song " Moving just like Marionettes" :

She is going to do a European tour at the end of the year as a first part of  the 100 Monkeys. You can see the dates below :

To learn more about Cara Salimando, check out the links below :

Cara Salimando - Commonwealth

Cara Salimando - Dust 

Cara Salimando - Cigarette smoke

Cara Salimando -  The way we are

Cara Salimando - "Twilight" cover

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