Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alisa Turner

"Music is medicine for the soul, not mere marketing fodder. It's something ad execs will never understand. But for those with ears to hear and senses to feel with, Alisa Turner is marking intimate heart-to-heart connections wherever she goes. And it's all as natural as breathing. "

Alisa Turner is a singer-songwriter and a pianist from North Carolina. She has started to write songs when she was quite young. She grew up in a church, with her father who was a pastor. Few years ago, she has discovered she has a lyme disease. She is still fighting against this disease. Sometimes, I wonder if it's what makes her voice so haunting and magic, so many feelings are in her voice.

Some years ago, she had one of the best idea for her tour :  "Pancakes & a performance". You can buy her records "It's not over", "Alisa Turner" and "1007w24th" on itunes.

Alisa Turner - "Stuck On You"

Alisa Turner - "Don't Go"

Alisa Turner - "Breathing"

Alisa Turner - "Trouble"

Alisa Turner & Ryan Calhoun - " In Your Eyes" cover

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/alisaannturner

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