Friday, November 4, 2011


I can't tell you a lot of things about Amaré, except that she is american and she goes to college. She likes the music of Lauren Zettler and Allie Moss.

I can also tell you that she really has a wonderfull voice. I love hearing her singing. 
She does great cover songs that you can check out on her youtube page -> 

Here's some cover songs she did :

Amaré - "You really got a hold on me"

Amaré - "Shoot the Moon" Norah Jones cover

Amaré - "Dig with me " Allie Moss cover

She is also a talented singer-songwriter. Some of her own songs below :

Amaré - "Simplicity"

Amaré - "Poor stupid fool" (one of my favorite song)

Amaré - "Unfold"

Where can you find Amaré ?

You can also download Amaré's song for free on Noisetrade :

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