Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barnaby Bright

Barnaby Bright is an indie folk rock duo, consisting of married couple Rebecca and Nathan Bliss, which is based in Brooklyn.

NYC Art Scene- Barnaby Bright: Simply “Bliss”ful
"In New York City, a place where hunger for success and trading love for fame is as common as pretzel vendors and Starbucks, the discovery of a duo pure of heart, mind, and talent is both refreshing and inspiring. There’s something so natural and uncontrived about the music and harmonies seeping out of these lyrically-driven folk artists, that you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the soulful intricacy of power couple Nathan and Becky Bliss, better known to audiences as Barnaby Bright."

You can find their 2 EP, "Wake The Hero" (2009) and "Gravity" (2011) on itunes.

Barnaby Bright - "Gravity"

Barnaby Bright - "Don't Look Down"

Barnaby Bright - "Wake The Hero"

Barnaby Bright - "Finally Said It"

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