Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Andrea Hamilton

Andrea Hamilton was born to sing. If you read her incredible story in her bio on her website, you will understand easily that it's really the case. Andrea is from Kansas and now based in Los Angeles.

 "... I found my old song notebook and a tune i wrote in 4th grade: Do Something Great. i guess i was writing it to myself because that's still my life goal - to make the truest, bravest, most impactful music i possibly can. i want to write songs that reach into people's hearts and lift them from life's hard gray monotony into the pure blue sky that is melody..."

Andrea's voice is so beautiful and very captivating. You will quickly become hooked on her songs. She already has different records : "Live at The Culture House", "Stronger Than I Seem", "Green And Blue", "Deciding What To Keep", "Slow Miracle".

Andrea Hamilton - "You Are Someone"

Andrea Hamilton - "A Little Late"

Andrea Hamilton & Collin Elliot - "Long Run"

Andrea Hamilton - "Good Day"

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