Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Becka Pimenta

Becka Pimenta is a british singer-songwriter. She writes pop/soul/acoustic songs and she has an incredible and gorgeous voice. 

She moved to the states to work with a number of producers and recording artists, the result of which was the release of her first EP "Barefoot Sessions". Then she went back to UK. She released a 2nd EP called "Restless", "The songs still hold the same incredible honesty, beautiful melody and intense lyrical content, but a new sense of passion and drive can be felt."

If you like Becka's music, you can preorder her EP "Stars and Owls" on Pledgemusic . This Ep will be limited edition EP for all the fans of her music. The project is funded at 57% at the moment. There are 45 days left.

Becka Pimenta - The Home Sessions "The Light"

Becka Pimenta - "Walking Contradictions"

Becka Pimenta - "Calling You"

Becka Pimenta - "Barefoot Sessions"

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