Saturday, December 10, 2011

Casey Hurt

Casey Hurt is a singer-songwriter from Hollywood, CA. You might have heard his songs in TV shows. For example, his song "Come To Me" was featured in "One Tree Hill". He won the Alchemist Magazine’s award for best acoustic performer in 2008.

"The Majesty Of Casey Hurt – There is a certain tone to Casey Lee Hurt’s voice. It is a kind of stoic tranquility that draws you in until you find yourself fixed in a state of rapt attention. In the study of vibrational healing, the human voice is regarded as a powerful tool which can be used to raise the vibrations of the energy body to higher and more positive levels. With that in mind it is not far- fetched to think of someone like Hurt possessing such a power in his voice, especially given the nature and intent of the energy he pours generously into his craft. His music is all heart and soul; passionate, radiant, transcendent, and transparent" – Takeema Hoffman: Yoo-N-LA Magazine.

Casey Hurt - "I Don't Need That"

Casey Hurt - "I'll Be Near"

Casey Hurt - "Back Into Your Arms"

Casey Hurt - "Sunday Mornings"

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