Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eden's Thorn

Eden's Thorn is a rock band based in Houston, TX. The band is made up of Jonathan Davis (vocals/guitar), Jason Allen (bass/vocals) and John Bonanno (drums/cowbells). You can find their self-titled EP on their store, on itunes ...

"With a solid rock sound and soulful vocals, each song will leave you wanting more. Their muisc is positive and hopeful, and the band members hope that it makes a real difference in their listeners' lives."

Eden's Thorn - "Addicted"

Eden's Thorn - "Bob Dylan"

Eden's Thorn - "Blood Bought Time"

Eden's Thorn - "When I'm With You"

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  1. Comment from your first interviewer 3 years ago. Been awhile guys.