Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jillian Valentine

"Some girls play with dolls. Some girls play in the mud with the boys. And some girls, like Jillian Valentine, pick up a guitar and grow up to become a rocker who sings her heart out." -Zink Magazine

Jillian Valentine is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Nashville. I've known her music for 2 years now thanks to myspace. She writes great pop/rock/soul songs. She has a gorgeous tone of voice.

Jillian has released independantly her debut album "Rebelle" in september 2010. You can buy it on itunes or amazon.

Jillian Valentine - "How To Believe"

Jillian Valentine - "It's Your Love"

Jillian Valentine - "After You"

Jillian Valentine - "Dancing Shoes" Gavin DeGraw Cover

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