Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mia and Jonah

Mia and Jonah is a duet from Oakland. If you like Angus and Julia Stone 's music style, so Mia and Jonah songs are made for you. They have released 3 LP and one EP : "Shine" (2005), "The Hallelujah EP" (2007), "Rooms For Adelaide" (2008), "The Golden Ass" (2011).

About "The Golden Ass"

"The Eleven Books of Metamorphosis" more commonly referred to as ’The Golden Ass’, was originally written by Apuleius in 2nd century Rome. It is claimed to be the world’s first novel. Apuleius based his story on Greek folktales and framed it as an overall satire of Homer’s Odyssey. Our version of The Golden Ass, although inspired by Apuleius’ work, is not quite an adaptation. We have more our less crafted our own story based on the original tale. Many of the primary concepts are preserved: Lucius still turns into a donkey. The rose is still a vehicle for transformation and the journey is condensed. There is a real love that exists between these two characters, becoming the seed for their metamorphosis together. This version reflects our story."


Mia and Jonah - "Bird On The Wind"



Mia and Jonah - "Rooms"



Mia and Jonah - "Wish"


Mia and Jonah - "Change"


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