Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Anchor Holds

My Anchor Holds, founded by Katie & Jacob Eckeberger, is a project birthed out of the Worship Arts community of GracePointe Church. The band is based in Nashville, TN. My Anchor Holds is the combination of Katie's sense of soul and Jacob's love for americana/folk. The result is really enjoyable to listen to.

"This is what Katie has to say about My Anchor Holds:
Life is worship… music is just one way to express ourselves to the One living in all our hearts. I want to share music with people that’s real - more than just praises - for our life is a medley of praise, struggle, doubt, triumph, questions, yearning, etc. All these things swirling around us, constantly changing and pulling our hearts in different directions. But through it all, God is my anchor and My Anchor Holds.
This is what Jacob has to say about My Anchor Holds:
This project has been a long time coming for us. I’ve served in the local church through worship arts for the last 8 years and My Anchor Holds is really an extension of that service. Our home church, GracePointe, has been an incredible place to prepare this project and fine tune our artistic expressions. This project comes out of a desire for fresh perspectives on communal living & worship through the arts."

My Anchor Holds - "My Anchor Holds"

My Anchor Holds - "Depth Of Mercy"

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  1. I was invited to the Cupbearer Café in Auburn Indiana last Thursday on Oct 17. Jacob and Katie led us in worship that evening. All I can say is, it was an awesome expereince that we will never forget. They are a truly anointed couple sent to bless the earth with the gift that God has given them. Our little 4 year old daughter enjoyed them as well. I am so thankful for what the do off stage tool. If you ever get the chance to check them out please get behind them and support this young couple as they sing unto the Lord! I just wish our 17 year old son could have heard them he would have loved it as well. He will have to listen to the CD we have.
    Bless you guys so much,
    Eric & Stephanie
    Fort Wayne, In