Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jourdan Myers

Unfortunately I couldn't find informations about Jourdan Myers. The only things I can tell you are the fact that she is an american singer and that she has an album called "Chasing The Sun" available on itunes and Amazon. You can check out some of her songs bellow.

Jourdan Myers - "Letters"

Jourdan Myers - "Counting Backwards"

Jourdan Myers - "Chasing The Sunset"

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  1. Hey thanks for blogging about me! In case you want to learn more about me...I am a singer/songwriter, write my own lyrics and melodies, and the album "Chasing the Sunset" was inspired from the grief I experienced after my only brother was killed by a drunk driver.

    Keep spreading the word...people need to hear that there is hope after loss!

    Thx - Jourdan Myers