Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reed Waddle

“More poetic and more emotional than practically any other act playing right now. In a period of pop stars devoid of any emotion, the soulful lyrics of Waddle shine through as a bright spot on a barren plain. By all means, check out Reed Waddle as he and his band plays through the United States in support of his new release .” James McQuiston- Neufutr Magazine

Reed Waddle is a singer-songwriter based in New York. He won the New York Songwriters Circle competition in 2009. He has an incredible voice ! If you like the artists I talked about until now, I bet you will love Reed Waddle's music ! His new album "Creatures Of The Heart" should be available soon.

Reed Waddle - "Creatures Of Heart"

Reed Waddle - "Lovers and Strangers"

Reed Waddle - "Piece by Piece"

Reed Waddle - "Weeping Willow"

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