Monday, February 27, 2012

Noush Skaugen

"From the wilderness of a raw soul, the uncompromising vocals & seductive grit of crooning bass lines & smooth melodies, Noush takes you on a sojourn that rips you to the quick & leaves you bleeding a power that lets you know, everything’s okay. With a nod to the old-school greats and a deep voiced style that makes no apology, this album restores rock & roll to it’s roots."

Noush Skaugen is a rock songstress based in London, UK. She is actually working on her new records wich should be released in 2012. You can find her previous records like "Lost and Found" or "Palomino" on itunes and amazon.

Noush Skaugen - "Let You Go"

Noush Skaugen - "Run Baby Run"

Noush Skaugen - "Not Gonna Give You The Satisfaction"

Noush Skaugen - "Adeline"

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