Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Draw me a logo !

Hey everybody,

I hope you're doing well. As you have seen, I made few changes on the blog. I wanted it to give it a better organization to help you ton navigate on the blog and find the artist or genre of music you wanted more easily. I hope you like it. The next step will be a new look.

The blog has started for 5 months now. I'm still surprised by his success and I would like to say a huge thank you for that ! I think its time to have an official logo. The thing is that I struggle with drawing but I thought maybe some of you are talented draftsmen or draftswomen ...

So I've decided to start a contest "Draw me a logo". You are totally free for this logo which will represent independant artists, music and discovery.

Step one:
- send me your logo at the
- add in your email few informations about you (name, country ...)
- if you have a website or blog for your art, add the link so people will have the possibility to check it out.
- sendings ends April 8th

Step two :
- if I have enough propositions, I will select my 5 favorite logos
- people will have the possibility to vote for the best one during 2 weeks

The winner logo will become the official logo for the blog and the winner will have a special featured on the blog.

Emilie, The Indie Discovery


  1. I like the logo you use on G+

  2. J'ai pas le temps!! Mais alors vraiment pas, surtout en ce moment...désolée..bisous de ta Pouic d'amour

    1. C'est pour ça que je lance ce concours, car depuis le temps que je t'ai demandé ...