Monday, April 16, 2012

Album Review : Dave Magario - "If Love Was ..."

Dave Magario is a singer-songwriter and musician based out of Webster, Massachusetts. 

Dave has released many EPs. Dave has been working on his new record "If love was ..." released thanks to his kickstarter project. This album will be available April 16th. Dave gave me the chance to listen to it before its released.

This album of 13 tracks mixes up different music styles. You will find from folk songs, which some of them reminds me a bit irish music such as "10 verses" to rock songs as the first single "Here, now". This album contain also great rock ballad such as "Our secret hope", one of my favorite song from this record. Dave's music talks about love, friendships, relationships, loss and hope ... Everybody should find a song he likes in this album.

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