Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gianna Salvato

Gianna Salvato is a young & talented singer songwriter (around 15 years old?) based out of New York. She is a member of the New York Songwriters Circle. "Her goal is to become a major solo artist who is not only known for her voice but for music that inspires."

Gianna has an gorgeous soul voice. When you listen to her music, you can't believe she is so young. For that, she reminds me a lot an other member of the nysc : Sarah Solovay. Unfortunatly I can't tell you more about this artist, but keep an eye on her music, I bet she is poised to make her mark in the music industry.

Gianna Salvato - "Believe Me"

Gianna Salvato - "How Can I Save The World"

Gianna Salvato - NYSC performance Feb. 2011

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  1. beautiful words, beautiful voice and so heartfelt!