Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tyler Stenson

Tyler Stenson is a singer-songwriter based out of Portland, Oregon. Tyler has been named "Best Male Artist" at the 2011 Portland Music Awards and twice-named "Songwriter Of the Year" by the Portland Songwriters Association. I've heard about this artist thanks to Aisha.

"Stenson's music is just that -- words paired with notes that sum up the human existence and endlessly inspire his train of followers that find a piece of themselves in the sincerity of his words."

Tyler Stenson has released 7 albums : The Low Ceiling (2002), Orange Chrome Sky (2006), Live at Mississipi Studios (2007), See That Gleam (2008), Bitter Sweet Parade (2010), Long Before The Wheel (2010), Another Gleam (2011). You can find all of them on itunes and cdbaby.

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