Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ida Gard

Ida Gard is an indie danish singer-songwriter based in Copenhagen. In 2008 at 22 years old, she has won a contest organized by one of the biggest and the most influential radio station in Denmark with her song "On His Knees", which gave her a massive airplay.

"Ida's lyrics stand out and demand attention as they are constantly balancing between being childish and funny and being quietly disturbing."

Ida has released her debut album "Knees, Feet & The Parts We Don't Speak Of" in November 2011. This album has received great reviews and made it to the itunes top 10 in its first week. The album was also nominated for "Best Pop Album" at The Independent Music Awards.

Ida Gard - "It's Windy"

Ida Gard - "On His Knees"

Ida Gard - "You've Got Some Explaining To Do"

Ida Gard - "Nothing's Wrong Song"

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