Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley is a singer-songwriter who come from Massachusetts and is now based out of Brooklyn. "Mieka Pauley possesses a voice that flows like good whiskey and a frankness that makes Alanis Morissette look shy. She conjures up a sonic immediacy with the same masterful command as Ani DiFranco with driving, yearning melodies that stand alongside the work of Michelle Shocked, Neko Case and Emmylou Harris."

Mieka has self-released three EP and two full lenght albums. She has recently worked on her new record called "The Science Of Making Choices " with producer Geoff Stanfield. "The Science Of Making Choices" is expected for June 26, 2012. You can preorder the record here : Mieka made 2 videos of songs from her upcoming album : "Another Go" and "Wreck". All I can say is that this new album promised to be awesome.

Mieka Pauley - "Another Go"

Mieka Pauley - "Wreck"

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  1. I love Mieka Pauley... Great discovery! :)

    1. Thanks Ida ! :) Is there danish indie artist I should listen to ?