Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paul Federici

Paul Federici is a singer-songwriter from St Catharines in Ontario, Canada. Paul's soft voice accompanieds perfectly his melodic acoustic songs which could remind artist like Elliott Smith, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac ... It's exactly the sort of music we need for a relaxing sunday.

Paul Federici has released his debut album "Relative Importance" in january 2012. “Paul Federici’s first release, has all of the highlights we might expect from a City and Colour record—a blend of emotive lyrics, vivid harmonies, authentic instrumentation—but Federici’s voice is an instrument of it’s own power.  His singing possesses an ability to be soft-spoken and gripping at the same time. It’s, dare I say, beautiful.” (Sounds that, Feb. 17, 2012)

You can find "Relative Importance" on bandcamp. The record is also available for free on noistrade at the moment. Check it out and spread the word about this great artist.

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