Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wayward Daughter

Wayward Daughter is a band from Hertfordshire/London in England and made up of Lydia McAllister (singer) and Becky East (guitar) . I found out these 2 girls on youtube this week. I don't remember how I found them but I've been quickly became addicted to their sound.

Unfortunately I can't tell you a lot of things about Wayward Daughter. Lydia is a singer-songwriter. Her gorgeous voice has something special that captivate the listener. Becky is also a songwriter but also, above all a talented guitarist.

Check out their youtube chanel, they've done a lot of great original and cover songs. They now have 4 tracks available on itunes here :

Wayward Daughter - "One Three One"

Wayward Daughter - "Hello Sanity"

Wayward Daughter - "For The Keeping"

Wayward Daughter - "What I Have Done"

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