Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour is a rock band from Virginia made up of Cliff Roebuck (vocals/guitars/keys), Allen Bays (guitars/vocals), Logan Bayly (bass/vocals), Christian Zawacki (drums). "With a solid rock backbone and aggressive, alternative, and pop undertones, this band has a sound that will demand your attention!"

If you like rock music and the kind of music that sounds a bit like Daughtry, so the music of The Eleventh Hour is made for you.

The band has released 2 EPs : "Epiphany" in January 2012 and "Therapy" in June 2012. The Eleventh Hour will be preparing to record new songs for a third EP to release Fall 2012. They will be supporting the EP with 4 additional east coast tours this fall and winter 2012 and they are currently booking a west coast tour in January 2013.

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