Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview : Sarah & Lindsay + July song

You already have the possibility to listen to Sarah & Lindsay's songs on the blog each month now and I've quickly become addicted to their 12in12 project. I thought that after some month of featured, it could be a good occasion for people to learn a little more about them and also to celebrate my 300th post. Sarah Williams and Lindsay George have kindly accepted to answer to my questions.

TID: Could you tell us few words to introduce yourself? How did you meet each other and how this amazing 12in12 project was born ?

LG: Sarah and I are both singer/songwriters based in Nashville, TN. We met circuiting the jazz scene here several years ago, and we have become very close friends since that day. 
SW: We became friends by becoming workout buddies, and the rest is history! Haha, but seriously. 12in12 came about after we booked a Christmas show together at the end of last year. We realized how well our voices blend together and we decided to do a bit of a crazy project!

TID: One song for each month is an ambitious project. Where do you draw your inspiration for these songs ? 

LG: Most of the song ideas come out of our various personal relationships - just whatever happens to be on our minds when we sit down to write. 
SW: For example, the idea for the March song, "I'm Not Going Anywhere," came out of a conversation we had about our two early 1900s houses, and how we think they are haunted. So, we decided that day we would write a song about it!
LG: A big part of this project was our desire to write more songs in general, so we really have pushed ourselves to write, even on days when we aren't outrageously inspired. 

TID: This week we gonna discover the song of July. What is this song about ? I saw the picture of the place where you filmed the video of this song. It seems to be a nice place. 

LG: July's song is a love song for the season of summer in the state of Tennessee!
SW: We feel passionately about both, and we had a blast shooting the video at Percy Priest lake, which is a gorgeous lake outside of Nashville. 

Sarah and Lindsay - Tennessee Summer

TID: Can we expect an album containing all the songs at the end of the year ?
SW: YES! We are going to do a limited pressing of the 12 songs, and then after that, we will release a selected 6 as an EP on iTunes. 
LG: The records will be available on pre-order started in November on our website, and they will also be available at our release show(s). 

TID: You both also have your solo careers as well as your duo. Isn’t it too hard to manage both? 
LG: It's a balancing act, for sure, but I think Sarah and I are both such Type-A personalities (we love to PLAN and SCHEDULE things) that we are able to make it work. 
SW: As friends, before we ever worked together, we each loved the other's music, and we continue to be really supportive of each other's solo careers. It's great to have a good friend and musical partner that you can bounce ideas off of and who is very encouraging. 

TID: What are your projects for the months coming ? Do you have some shows ?
SW: Yes, we have a few shows lined up in Nashville in August and September, and really our main focus now is to finish the songs and get the record ready for December's release!

TID: The goal of the blog is to enable people to get to know indie artists. What are your favorite artists? What artists would you recommend to check out?
LG: We love some of our fellow Nashvillians...Check out: Molly Jewell, Lauren Homburg, Reed Pittman, Sam Hawksley, Ferrier, Caroline Batch...
SW: These are all people who we have played shows with or who have contributed their talents to our 12in12 project!

 Check out Sarah and Lindsay's website :

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