Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Lane

Sunday Lane is a singer-songwriter native from Tulsa and now based out in Los Angeles. A huge thank you to Amanda Blide from LaFamos who told me about this amazing artist she works with. "A classically trained pianist, she writes articulate lyrics about social injustices in our society, young love, and growing up. Her soulful approach to songwriting expresses the depth of her musicianship."

Maybe you've already heard Sunday Lane's music as she had songs featured on One Tree Hill. That's the case for here song "The Reckless One" from her debut EP "Bring Me Sunshine" :

"Her debut EP, Bring Me Sunshine, displays her ability to write relatable songs with idiosyncratic phrases."

Sunday Lane - "Won't Go Back Down"

Sunday Lane has released a first full length album, "From Where You Are", in April 2012. I have first discovered Sunday Lane's music through this album. I've been captivated by her music from the 1st to the 11th song. There is something spellbinding in her songs. This album contains from beautiful  piano songs like "Painted Blue" or "Waltzing with Fire", to more pop/rock songs as the first single of the record "Little too Young".

Sunday Lane - "Little To Young"

Sunday Lane - "Painted In Blue"

"Bring Me Sunshine" and "From Where You Are" are both available on itunes.

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  1. Fresh with young emotional statements of our society today.