Sunday, July 8, 2012

Superstar Runner

Superstar Runner is a band from Springfield, Missouri, helmed by Ben Johnson. "His goal is simple; to authentically write music that connects with his listeners. The difference between artists these days and Superstar Runner is that he is committed to being honest in his musical expressions."

In less than two years, Superstar Runner has crossed the country four times and has been to 42 different states. His endeavors as a musician have communicated that he is committed to his fans and more importantly his music.

Superstar Runner has released his new album entitled Heritage/Lineage/ Hand Me Downs/Scars (Your Birth Marks Do Not Bother Me) in February of 2012. This album contains 11 songs. Each song is like a short story accompagnied by a soft and beautiful music. It's typically the sort of album that suits well with a relax sunday.

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