Friday, July 13, 2012

Young's Got Talent : Hillary Hand

Hillary Hand is a young singer-songwriter and pianist from Colorado Springs. She has been playing piano since the age of 6, it took her 17 years to put the pen to paper and write her first song.

"With lyrics that suggest a maturity usually reserved for those far older than Hillary, and arrangements that captivate, you can expect nothing short of brilliance from this artist in the years to come."

I found her thanks to noisetrade and after listening to her song during few seconds, I've been immediatly captivate by her voice. She has a particular and gorgeous tone of voice ! Her debut single "Take Me Away" is spellbinding song of whom you should quickly become addicted. This song is available for free on noistrade at the moment, so do yourself a favor and download/ share it.

Hillary Hand - "Take Me Away"

"Hillary Hand is tough to nail down. Listening to her music is like hearing the passing of the seasons in a 3 minute time frame. Her delicate and breathy vocals carry you in gently, and leave you in a pounding storm of instrumentation, harmonies, and aggressiveness. But she brings you through the experience so masterfully, that what should be a dizzying array of influences and sounds becomes a cohesive journey that you never want to stop revisiting."

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