Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interview with Sarah Solovay !

"Sometimes, all you need is an acoustic guitar and a dream. Sarah Solovay's got both, and she happens to have a rather transcendent voice to boot. "

I think this sentence describe perfectly what is this talented New Yorker singer-songwriter and guitarist who has started to win the New York Songwriters Circle "Young Songwriters Award" in 2008 with her song "Gone".

She has released her debut EP "Gone" in 2009. I get to know her music at this period through myspace. And since then, she has never stopped to amazed me with her songs. 

"Her sound exudes a true vibrancy because it's so personal and tangible. Sarah describes the alchemy at the heart of her sound."

Now in 2012, Sarah is back with a new EP "Superhuman" containing 5 catchy songs about love, relationships... with heartfelt and honest lyrics. This EP is available on itunes.

For this occasion, Sarah has accepted to answers few questions for The Indie Discovery.

Hope you'll like it.

TID : Hello Sarah and thank you for accepting the interview. For people who don’t know you yet, could you tell us few words about you and your music ? 

SS : I'm 18 years old and I'm from New York City. I spend as much time as humanly possible writing songs about things I've been through personally, things my friends have been through, things I read about--pretty much anything can inspire me. As a result, my music is a mix of a lot of different sounds, but it tends to fall under the arc of "pop-rock-singer-songwriter-y" stuff. Everything else you'd want to know about me or my music can be found by listening to my songs! 

TID : Three years has passed since your debut EP “Gone” and we can say that you've come a long way during these 3 years. You have opened for John Mayer in 2010. Three of your songs has been featured on TV, like for example “Hearts Collide” on the 90210 soundtrack. ... It seems that these years may have been a bit crazy. And you've done all of that by combining music and your studies. How do you manage both ? 

SS : It's definitely been a challenge to balance school and music, and I wish I could say there was a formula for how to do it, but there's not. I kind of just have to roll with the punches, so to speak. When I have an assignment-heavy week in school, music takes a back seat, and vice versa. I take it one day at a time, and I've been lucky enough to manage so far.

TID : You’re back with a new EP “Superhuman” which has been released August 7th, 2012. Once again you’ve shown us your amazing writing skills and this EP is a real gem for their listeners. How does it feel to have finally new songs out ? Where did you draw your inspiration to write "Superhuman "EP?

SS : Thanks so much! I'm really, really psyched to be releasing new music. I drew my inspiration from a lot of different things, but most of it was about finishing up high school and coming into my own. I feel like the story of the title track, Superhuman, really embodies that spirit of growing up and becoming stronger, so that's why the EP is named what it is. 

TID : This EP is available on itunes for the moment and already have met with a certain success. Will there be a physical version as well ? Do you plan to release a full lenght album then ? 

SS : I'm not sure if we're going to release a physical copy of it, or if we would add a few more songs to it. It all depends on whether or not there's enough demand for the supply!

TID : Is there any place where people can see you performing these new songs during the summer?

SS : Unfortunately, I don't have any concerts in the near future. I'm heading off to college in two weeks, so I don't have much time in the next month or two. After that, though, hopefully I'll have a few shows. Check my website for updates! 

TID : What are your plans for the months coming ?

SS : I just plan on getting settled into college life, taking a bunch of classes I'm interested in, meeting a ton of new people, and hopefully making some music with some of them. 

TID : This blog help people to get to know indie artists. What are your favorite artists? Who do you suggest us to listen to ? 

SS : These days, I've been hooked on Ed Sheeran, so I'd highly recommend listening to him. More generally, though, I've always been a huge Tom Petty fan, and Jackson Browne, and The Stones.

Go on itunes and buy "Superhuman". I promise you, you won't be disappointed by it !

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