Monday, October 8, 2012

Danish Special : Sanne Do

*All the artists for this danish special were kindly suggested by the amazing Ida Gard

Sanne Do is a singer-songwriter from Copenhagen in Denmark. "Authentic songs merging folk, rock and pop influences with the unique Scandinavian sound of her native Denmark. She has a very dynamic voice that dares to show the power in fragility and softness in strength."

Sanne Do released her debut album "Blending In The Crowd" in 2008. This album is available on itunes, spotify ...

She also did a duet with Karen S for the song "This City".

Sanne Do - "Not You"

Sanne Do - "Cinnamon Freaks"

Sanne Do - "How Am I Supposed to Be Me"

Sanne Do & Karen S - "The City"

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