Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mara and The Bitter Suite

Mara And The Bitter Suite is band from NYC and New Jersey and headed up by Mara Davi (Broadway actress, lyrics/vocals) and Adam Waite (Composer, Conductor, Music and Keys).

After collaborating on multiple concerts for Birdland, Ars Nova, and Lyrica Chamber Orchestra, they decided it was time to write their own music and find their own sound.

Their debut album "Unspoken" was released in July 2012 and is available on itunes and amazon. I had the chance to listen to the whole album, which brings a real touch of originality in the music world. The 9 songs is a musical trip rythmed from beautiful ballads like 'When I" and "Walking Thru Water"  to  catchy songs like one of my favorite song from this album "Playground Song". Moreover, Mara's voice is just beautiful ! I think you should like this album as well.

Mara and The Bitter Suite - "When I"

Mara and The Bitter Suite - "Hurricane"

Mara and The Bitter - "Clover and Clementine"

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