Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Baron Sisters

The Baron Sisters is a duo from Florida and made up of the sisters Kimberly (vocals) and Kelsie (guitar/vocals) Baron.

" With a natural talent for writing catchy melodies, and the ability to engage their audiences with honest, relatable songs, this charming duo delivers sincere songs with distinctive instrumentation and remarkable harmonies."

The Baron Sisters released their debut EP "The Baron Sisters EP" in January 2012. Their first album "Positive Thinker" has been released October 2nd, 2012. You can buy these two album on their store or itunes. You won't be deceived by their songs, it's a musical sunshine.

The Baron Sisters - "Positive Thinker"

The Baron Sisters - "Busy Man"

The Baron Sisters - "Bourbon Street" & "Hope For Me"

The Baron Sisters - "Corridor"


  1. You have got to go see them live! They, along with their band, put on a fantastic, fun and very entertaining show.

    At two different points during the show, they performed with just the two of them and one guitar for one song and just the two of them and one ukulele for the other song. Then they, without backing tracks, without over-dubs, without processed voices, proceeded to entertain the crowd. Everyone was feeling the emotion and everyone was having a great time.

    Go see them live. Get their album. You'll be glad you did!

    David R. Mohr

    1. I would love that ! Unfortunately I don't live in the USA, so it's not possible :( If you go to see them performing, take videos and share them with us :)