Sunday, November 18, 2012

Artists News n°1 : Antonia Vai, Chase Gassaway, Heater Bond, Hillary Reynolds Band & Sarah Solovay

Antonia Vai has posted new lyrics videos on youtube.

Antonia Vai - "Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite"

Antonia Vai - "Cocoon"

Antonia Vai - "The Sorrowblack Fish"

Chase Gassaway performs "Fast Machines" with Jordan Whitmore live at Common Grounds, Waco, TX.

Heather Bond'song "Beside Me" has been used for the TV-spot "Blaue Tür" for Union Investment Komponiert. They made a beautiful music video for this occasion.

You can check her other last songs on her youtube channel.

The Hillary Reynolds Band has published a new official video for their song "Good As New".

Hillary Reynolds Band - "Good As New"

Their album "Since September" is still available on itunes.

Sarah Solovay has released a new lyric video for her song "A Little in Love" from her last EP "Superhuman".

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