Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Artists new : Heather Bond, Holly Drummond, Jenny Owen Youngs, Nashville Indie Spotlight

Heather Bond's new single "More Than I Ever Did" is now available on itunes.  The song talks about losing someone that you love. This song also features on a special album called Nashville Indie Spotlight.

The young scottish singer-songwriter Holly Drummond has posted a new video on youtube of a new and great original song. The new song is "Cold Outside".

Jenny Owen Youngs has written 2 new songs for her "Exhibit" project. Last week, she wrote the song "In-Between" after visiting the Brooklyn Museum.

"In-Betweener" was inspired by time spent in the Brooklyn Museum, especially the work of Mickalene Thomas, Sanford Biggers, Oliver Jeffers, and the ancient Egyptians. 

This week, the song was inspired by her visit of the Museum of Sex.

The Nashville Indie Spotlight is an exclusive album which contains 22 songs about 22 artists of some of the best indie artists based in Nashville. These amazing artists are Brooke Waggoner, Sandra McCracken, Leagues, The Saint Johns, Holly Williams, Courtney Jaye, Amy Stroup, Katie Herzig, Trent Dabbs, K.S Rhoads, Kate Tucker, Matthew Perryman Jones, Emily West, Erin McCarley, Paper Route, Escondido, Lara Landon, The Vespers, The Kicks, Shannon LaBrie, Heather Bond, Mindy Smith.

This album is only 7.99 $ on itunes, plus 30+ other albums on sale for $6.99 or less!

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