Friday, December 28, 2012

The New Limb

The New Limb is a band from Silver Lake, Los Angeles and made up with Joey Chavez (vocals and guitar), Lauren Salamone (keyboards and vocals), Dan Perez (guitar and vocals), Adam Chavez (drums and vocals) and Dave Berg (bass and 808).

"Known for their incredible live show, stellar harmonies and "genre-bending" sound, rock quintet The New Limb are one of a kind. Pulling influences from a century's worth of song writers and comparisons spanning from Arcade Fire to the Zombies to Stars to the Shins, The New Limb truly has a unique but familiar sound."

They have just released a free mixtape "Inconsistencies". This mixtape features orignal songs, covers, some live in-studio tracks. If I had to choose some of my favorite songs from this mixtape, I think I would keep "Stifled" and "Strength in our bones". The mixtape contains lots of great songs.

The band is also working on a full length album which due out 2013.

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