Sunday, January 20, 2013

Artists news n°10 : Ida Gard, Stephie Coplan & Wayward Daughter

After 3 months in NYC, Ida Gard will be returning to Denmark this weekend. And to celebrate that, her new single will be up for streaming and free download on her facebook page for exactly 12 hours while she is traveling. That means from Sunday 9:00pm New York time to Monday 3:00pm Danish time. 

Stephie Coplan wrote a new song called "No One Wants To Hear A Love Song".

If you like this song, you can grab it here for free:

Stephie Coplan will be putting up a new song every week and professionally recording the ones that get the most views.

The Wayward Daughter are working on their new EP "How Long Will You Wander?" and for that they need your help. You can pledge for their new EP and get some great goodieson PledgeMusic :

Here's the video for their PledgeMusic compaign :

The girls also did a cover of the song "Decoy" by Paramore lately. Check out the video below :

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