Sunday, March 10, 2013

Altered Sky

Altered Sky is a rock band based in Edinburghn and formed in early 2010. Altered Sky is made up of Ana Nowosielska (vocals), Amy Blair (drums), Neil Ramsay (guitar), Richard Passe (guitar) and Ross Archibald (bass).

The band has released a first single "Apple Tree" in November 2010. 

In July 2011, Altered Sky has released their debut EP "In This World". This EP contains 5 songs going from energetic and rythmic tunes as "I Know You Know" to ballads as "Shinning White Star". Reviews of their album were unanimous in their praise, citing the band as “Astounding ...raised the bar by quickly positioning themselves as one of the best bands in the country”. The music style of the band isn't without reminding a famous rock band : Paramore.

The band has booked some shows in Scotland in March and April. Check out their website for further informations and to buy tickets.

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