Monday, August 26, 2013

Introducing Melon & The Mayhem

"A sassy, female-fronted, five-piece band from Nashville reflects the sultry jazz singers of the 1920s and puts a modern spin on the saxophone-infused swing bands of Sinatra's time."

Melon & The Mayhem is a band from Nashville headed by Mary Ellen Klein (vocals/piano). The band has released their debut EP "Light On" in June 2012. This EP contains 4 songs of a quite varied music style. "Light On" combines rock songs as "A.D.D Song" with jazzy songs as "Alone Together". My favorite song of this EP is "Never". This song is more soulful, the rythm catchy. I never get tired of listening to that song.

This month they are back with a new version of their song "Alone Together". This song make us travel through the 1920s with a jazzy sound. The song is haunting and sultry. It's the kind of music we hear quite rarely now, but this song is a pure moment of relaxation.

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