Monday, September 9, 2013

Introducing Gina Cimmelli

Gina Cimmelli is a singer-songwriter hailing from Brooklyn. Music has always been a part of her life, as her great-grandmother was an Italian opera singer and her grandfather a multi-instrumentalist from the golden days of radio. She has been graduated from the famous Berklee College of Music.

"Though often held in the same light as Feist or Regina Spektor, subtle timbres in her voice show hints of Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, revealing a stylistic approach that’s both relevant and timeless."

Gina Cimmeli is far to be a beginner in the music world. She has released her debut EP "Don't Be Mad" in 2009, following by the single "Forget" in May 2012 and her first album "Gina's Picture Show" in August 2012. Maybe some of you have already heard about Gina thanks to The Independent Music Awards. She was a winner of the 10th annual program in the folk/singer-songwriter category with her song "Don't Be Mad".

Gina Cimmelli - "Don't Be Mad"

Gina Cimmelli - "Aviator"

This summer, she is back with a new EP called "Summer Singles". The EP contains 3 songs in a various genre and with different emotions. But even in songs which are more sad, Gina manages to make them shine with a touch of joy.

The first single released of this EP is "Clementine". This song debuted on the American Songwriter. It's a beautiful song about a long-distance relationship. This song has an haunting melody.

The second song released of "Summer Singles" is "Like I Did". This song, about an ended relationship, has an intoxicating rhythm.

I have listened to all Gina's songs (you can listen to them on Spotify).  The huge force and common point all her songs have, is that she captivates you from the first second. She makes you take the train I you don't leave it until you've finished the trip in her musical atmosphere.

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