Sunday, September 22, 2013

Introducing Lyle Divinsky

When you like an artist a lot, to listen to the other artists they like or their musicians friends is often a great way to discover new amazing musicians. In 90 % of cases, you may like them. That was the case for Lyle Divinsky (thank you Alice Lake !)

Lyle Divinsky, aka The Sasquatch of Soul, is a singer-songwriter hailing from Portland, ME. He moved in New York City over 2 years ago.
He has released his debut album "Traveling Man" in 2009. An amazing compilation of 14 soul/folk songs. Just give a listen to the song "Traveling Man". When you hear is gorgeous voice and the beautiful sound of his acoustic guitar, how can you not fall in love for his music ?
In Februray 2012, Lyle Divinsky released a new self-titled EP with 3 songs. Watch the video of one of the song from this EP "Hit Man", which was filmed at Rockwood Music Hall.

He is actually working on a new album. If you want to help him, you can pledge for his pledge music campaign.

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