Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy second anniversary to The Indie Discovery

Today The Indie Discovery celebrates its 2nd birthday ! The time has gone so fast ! I remember the day I decided to create it. The compagny in which I work had decided to encourage their employees to use social media like google plus, blogs, websites ... As I didn't how a blog works at that time, I though let's try and I started it with some of the great artists I found thanks to myspace.

Two years later, I glad to be still there. It is and it will still be a great adventure. The Indie Discovery has been a great source of encounters via internet but also in the real world since the beginning. I like the fact it make me discover other music fans with similar music tastes as mine and also amazing musicians. It has also developed my addiction for discovering new music and music in general even more. 

I've had less time lately to share music on the blog. My job and other activites take me a lot of time but I'll try to write about new musicians as often as possible. I'm glad that even if I write less often you are still there. I have a huge list of musicians to tell you about !!! 

Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks different people :
  • A huge thank you to James Wilson from My Random Jukebox and Charlotte Gomes. They've been amazing supporters since the beginning. I don't know if I would still be there without them. Their support has prevented me to give it up. Moreover, they both are amazing people. Check them up.
  • Amanda Blide from Lafamos PR & Branding and Bryan Bull from Bullhorn Publicity. They have kept an eye on me nearly since the beginning and they made me discover amazing musicians. Thank you for that and for your trust you have in what I do. I like their vision and the way they work with artists.
  • To all the musicians I've talked about by now and all the others coming. Keep doing what you do. Your music is a real source of inspiration and the world feels better thanks to you.
  • To all my readers, thank you for your interest for what I do and I'm glad to see that even if I have less time to share post about music, you are still there. The Indie Discovery wouldn't still be there without you. I hope you'll like what's coming next :)
To finish, I'm working on a new project for the blog. I can't tell you a lot about for the moment. As soon as possible, I'll reveal you a few things about it. Expect a big announce before the end of the year. I'm really excited about it and I hope you'll like it !

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