Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing Ellene Masri

Ellene Masri is a franco-lebanese songwriter, guitarist and performer living in the USA. Maybe you've had already the occasion to see her performing as she has performed in various festivals and venues in Paris and accross Europe.

Ellene has self-released her debut album "Music" under her own label "Music Talks" on November, 1st. "This album tells the story of my life and evolution as a person and as an artist from an emotional point of view, beginning from my childhood up to now, the grown-up woman that I am." - said Ellen about her album.

"Music" is a touching album combining Ellene's gorgeous voice and dancing rythms. I don't know why, but the global atmosphere of "Music" evokes me for a summer night on a terrace lighten by fairy lights, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying some good music. Her first single "Secret Lover" has been previewed in the UK on Jazz FM.

It's quite hard to define Ellene's unique music style because we can feel so many music influences in her songs. Her music is mainly composed by soul and jazz music, but also sometimes added by touches of latino and orientals rythms. She has drawn her inspiration on her travels around and her many musical encounters, which probably explains this cultural mix in her music.

If you buy her album or have the occasion to to listen to the whole album on Spotify for example, give a listen to her song "Stay Awhile". It's a beautiful song, one of my favorite songs of Ellene. 

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