Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amy Kuney

Amy Kuney is an indie singer-songwriter from Oklahoma, but she has moved in Honduras at the age of 13 with her family as missionaries.

In March 2003, while on a Guatemala sightseeing trip at the age of 17, Kuney and her friends were kidnapped by a group of rebels who eventually let them go. All those experiences has influenced her songwriting.

She has 2 CD "Bird's Eye View" and "Gasoline Rainbows", and has recorded 3 singles in 2011.

Amy Kuney - "Where I Can't Follow"

Amy Kuney - "Waiting For You"

Amy Kuney - "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"

Amy Kuney - 'Gasoline Rainbows"

Amy Kuney - "Sway"

Amy Kuney - "All Downhill From Here" (from One Tree Hill)

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