Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bess Rogers - "Out of The Ocean"

For those of you who don't know Bess Rogers, she is an indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentist based in Brooklyn. She has a solo career and she is also a back up singer and lead guitarist for Ingrid Michaelson, as Allie Moss.

As you may know, Bess Rogers has released a new record called "Out of The Ocean". I have this record for 2 months, and was one a the backers for Bess' kickstarter project. I think this record is the best record Bess has released by far. I love it and listen to it in repeat. You can buy it here : You can also check out her other records "Bess Rogers presents Bess Rogers EP", "Travel Back EP", "Decisions Based On Information".

Bess Rogers - "In The Waves"

Bess Rogers - "Weak Link"

Bess Rogers - "Brick by Brick"

Bess Rogers - "Anchor" (w/ Allison Weiss)

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