Friday, December 2, 2011


"Originally from Detroit, transplanted to the Hollywood music scene as a teenager, then Boston, and now back in Michigan, Mikal is an uncommon, modern pop/rock artist who doesn't subscribe to the common misconception that a solo artist must fall into the oft-cliche'd 'singer/songwriter' style that we have all grown used to."

Mikal has released two debut alums. The first of two debut albums from Mikal, an acoustic E.P. titled "Only Enemies Tell The Truth… Friends And Lovers Lie Endlessly", is now available as a free download on noisetrade and a name-your-own-price physical CD. Mikal is working on a full length album. The first single, "Jane, Jane" is now available as a free download as well.

Mikal - "Jane, Jane"

 Mikal - "13 Days"

Mikal - "Midseason Replacement"

Mikal - "The 4 Am Wake Up Call"

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