Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville.  She has found an official Nashville band including her sister, Julia Johnson - vocal harmonies and violin, David Mitchell - classical/nylon string guitar, Travis Patton - fiddle/mandolin, Chris Wright - drums and percussion, Jason Navo - bass.

"Anna Johnson is a girl who makes music from the deepest part of her heart. It's intentionally simple/stripped/sincere so people feel what she feels. Effortless. Beautiful. No unnecessary words. No unnecessary flash. Lyrics and music from her soul to yours. Alison Krauss meets pop meets Norah Jones meets something honest and true."

Anna Johnson - "Damaged and Bruised"

Anna Johnson - "Getting Over You"

Anna & Julia Johnson - "Someday"

Anna & Julia Johnson - "Ready To Go"

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