Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patrick Joseph

Patrick Joseph is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently based in Los Angeles.

Patrick Joseph released a compilation of these demos in 2007 entitled The Basement Tapes EP In November 2010, he released his debut full-length album Antiques. On November 22nd, 2011, he released an EP entitled Relics, an acoustic interpretation of select tracks from Antiques.
Antiques and Relics are available on iTunes and Amazon, and hard copies are available at

Patrick Joseph - "Don't Believe It"

Patrick Joseph - "Arsonist Blues"

Patrick Joseph - "Better Than It Was Before"

Patrick Joseph - "Escape Artist"


  1. Congratulations on discovering and posting the work of Patrick Joseph! Without a doubt, he's one of the best lyricists out there! This month ranked in #1 artist of 2012. Check it out!

    1. Thank you for the link. There are a lot of great things on your website. I'm going to start to listen to the top 25. Thanks :)