Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Matthew Mayfield - "Always Be You"

We are lucky this week. Matthew Mayfield has just posted another song from his upcoming album. I definitly a fan of his music and his voice. This new song is "Always Be You".

in this stream that passes me by... 
no dreams, no spirits run dry 
i know that you would love to meet me here

i know i've got no choice 
two years since i heard your voice 
and then you call and say you'd like to talk

haven't you seen these scars 
buried inside my skin? 
these memories that we've lost 
(may) never return again 
but it will always .... always... 
it will always... be you

you're still the love of my life 
despite the fear in your eyes 
just know that you are always on my mind

haven't you heard my voice 
carried inside the wind 
the chemistry that we've lost 
will never return again 
but it will always...always ... 
it will you

it's too bad when push came to shove 
i was never worth having 
it's too far, too much to ask 
if you'll ever be happy

haven't you heard these songs 
making their way back in 
the melodies that we've sung 
(may) never be heard again 
but it will always...always ... 
it will always ... be you

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