Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some news & logos !

Hey there !

I hope you're all doing well. Here's some news :
  • Newsletter
As you may have seen, you can now suscribe to my newsletter. I'll send you my newsletter each sundays to give you a digest of the post of the week. For subscription, see the link on your left .

  • Help me choose the new logo
Some weeks ago, I asked people to send me their suggestions for the new and official logo for the blog. I had only one suggestion but a fantastic one with different suggestions of logos and typos. So now I need your help to make my choice !!! You can vote for your favorite logo and/or typo. The one which will get the maximum of vote will become the official logo. 

This suggestion comes from Clément Grellier, a french web developer. You can check his website here : 

Maybe some of you already know Clément. He is also the founder of the Sara Bareilles fans website : If you like Sara Bareilles, check out this website you'll get all the lastest news about her and more cool things. Theses days, you can vote for the best cover of Sara Bareilles. You should listen to those video. A lot of great singers out there.

  • Send me your own videos each month
Watching all these videos about covers of Sara Bareilles' songs gave me an idea. There are a lot of great singers and singer-songwriter who are not known. They just record their song and post them on youtube or soundcould ... Some of them are just amateurs but with a lot of talent. 

So here's my idea : I thought it could be cool to devote one day per month for these artists. The principle would be to do a sort of open mic but instead of doing a show it would be a special featured for one of your song. I will select my favorite songs or video and will post them each first sunday of each month. You can send them via email at or facebook or twitter.

I'm looking for a name for this special day. If you have any suggestions ...

So that's all for today. 


Emilie, The Indie Discovery

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