Saturday, June 16, 2012

Emily Danger - "Paintings "EP

Emily Danger is a band from New York City. The band consists of Emily Nicholas (vocals, piano), Ryan Nearhoff (vocals, guitar), Cameron Orr (violin, bass, melodica, vocals), Colin Lime (drums, vocals), and Coyote Anderson (bass).

"Nicholas’ voice truly serves as an instrument in its own right and, not only does the listener get mesmerized in her singing, they don’t want it to end"

The band has released an EP "Paintings" in April 2012. Unfortunately this EP contains only 4 songs. It's a pitty because all these songs are great and it's very frustrating not to be able to listen to more music from Emily Danger.

At the first listening, I've been quite impressed by Emily Nicholas' voice, in particular in the song "Shed My Skin". Just after hearing a few seconds of this song, my first reaction was "wow ! what a voice !"

The mix of the sound of each instruments and Emily's voice give to the listener a captivating music cocktail whose you will quickly become addicted.

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  1. I love Emily Danger! I had the pleasure to see her perform last year and her voice is astounding.