Monday, June 18, 2012

Young's Got Talent : Yaryn Choi

Yaryn Choi is a young girl from California. Yaryn is a huge fan of Sara Bareilles. Well, it's thanks to a cover of the song "Stay" by Sara Bareilles that I found her. And also thanks to Clement Grellier from who shared this video.

I've been impressed by Yaryn Choi 's voice and I think you may be as well.

Yaryn Choi - "Stay" Sara Bareilles cover

Yaryn Choi - "The Writer" Ellie Goulding cover

Yaryn Choi - "Songbird" Ben Abraham cover

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  1. vote for her here

  2. You should hear her new original; Fight. (:

    The URL=

    It is absolutely beautiful. <3 I can't believe she wrote it herself ^0^

    1. Awesome ! I will check it out ! thanks for the link :)